Bonjour. We are REC trends marketing, a consumer and market intelligence firm based in Paris and operating worldwide. Put simply, we enable leading brands to stay ahead of the market – by providing them with hyper-qualitative studies and business transforming recommendations. Some may call us a trend forecasting office, a consumer insight agency, or a brand strategy consultancy. Fundamentally, we are called REC because our work is powered by “sur-mesure” Research, conversations with Experts and deep dives into Consumers’ minds.


We use outdated tools, updated in a contemporary way. A methodology that we have been polishing for the last 10 years. Our name actually comes from this craftsmanship focused on Research, Experts and Consumers.


REC was founded by Pascal Monfort to expand and develop the expertise he has acquired in education, consulting, and creative direction for the last 20 years.

Consumer Culture Director for Nike, Art Director for Issey Miyake, History of Fashion teacher, Fashion Sociologist and Fashion director of several magazines: all the roles he played - or still plays - have enriched his vision.

Each of them contributed to the knowledge he shared with decision-makers for two decades, with a distinctive honest and direct approach. What motivates him is to be in the room when big decisions are being made and to steer brands towards forward-thinking paths.

Alongside him, REC is a unique combination of talents from various but complementary backgrounds – all driven by shared fundamental values.

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